About The Bridgewood Homeowners Association

The Bridgewood Homeowners Association (BHA) exists to ensure the high level of quality in the neighborhood and to preserve and enhance the value of property. All owners of homes and improved lots platted in the subdivision are members of the association and provided one vote.

ByLaws: A copy of our by-laws can be found here.

Board of Directors: The BHA is governed by a board of at least three officers including a president, secretary, and treasurer. The officers can also include a vice-president, a grounds director, event directors, and at large directors as long as the board membership does not exceed nine members. Elections for Board members are held every year at the Annual Meeting of the association which is held in November.

Our current board members are:

Patrick Khoury, President

Brent Kreider, Treasurer

Diane Nichols, Secretary

Whit Plunkett, Grounds Director

Annual Meeting: Our Annual meeting is in November at a time and place selected by the Board and communicated to the membership.

Architectural and Landscape Control: A copy of our landscape control document can be found here. Theses standards are outlined in understandable terms in order to facilitate the design and review process for property owners and contractors. A submittal form for approval can be found here.

Other Questions About the Association? Please send us a note by visiting the Contact Us page.


A neighborhood directory and map are available to members.

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